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Parov Stelar / The Princess [2012]

Parov Stelar / The Princess

CD1 – The Princess:
01. Parov Stelar – Milla’s Dream (3:44)
02. Parov Stelar – All Night (2:47)
03. Parov Stelar – Nobody’s Fool (3:08)
04. Parov Stelar – The Princess (3:07)
05. Parov Stelar feat. Jerry Di Monza – Silent Shuffle (3:34)
06. Parov Stelar feat. Anduze – This Game (3:08)
07. Parov Stelar – You Got Me There (4:11)
08. Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom – Dust In The Summer Rain (3:38)
09. Parov Stelar – Requiem For Annie (1:11)
10. Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom – With You (3:20)
11. Parov Stelar – The Beach (3:57)
12. Parov Stelar – Song For The Crickets (5:32)
13. Parov Stelar – Beautiful Morning (3:23)
14. Parov Stelar feat. Jerry Di Monza – The Fog (2:57)
15. Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom – True Romance Part 2 (2:47)

CD2 – The Princess: The Vinyl Collection 2010-2012:
01. Parov Stelar – Jimmy’s Gang (5:27)
02. Parov Stelar feat. Cleo Panther – Sally’s Dance (3:46)
03. Parov Stelar – Booty Swing (3:18)
04. Parov Stelar – Baska Brother (5:29)
05. Parov Stelar – The Phantom (1930 Version) (4:34)
06. Parov Stelar – The Snake (5:32)
07. Parov Stelar – Wanna Fete (5:30)
08. Parov Stelar – Oh Yeah (3:47)
09. Parov Stelar feat. Max The Sax – The Vamp (5:22)
10. Parov Stelar – The Paris Swing Box (5:23)
11. Parov Stelar – All Night (Extended Club Version) (4:23)
12. Parov Stelar feat. Jerry Di Monza – A Song For You (5:47)
13. Parov Stelar – Jimmy’s Gang (Enzo Siffredi Remix) (6:10)




  1. REVIEWS-Phoenix Mode! April 11, 2012

    For those of you who have been on this blog for several years and know me, here’s the deal: some idiot man-child is impersonating me.
    I’m just glad he doesn’t know anything else about me, because it sounds like if he knew my mailing address he would be sending me his severed ear in the mail.
    I’m only writing this non-musical related post because I have been a member of this blog for several years, and any offense that this newcomer jackass has given to my friends needed to be accounted for.
    So if there’s a post under my name that is debased, childish or racist, know that it isn’t me and take no offense.
    Thank you.
    P.S. to the mole: if you want my name so badly, you can have it, though I hope you can find your own voice someday.

    • AZIZ April 11, 2012


  2. morton April 11, 2012

    the only thing i’ve been offended by is your use of homophobia to get at this individual you say is ‘impersonating you’. aside from that i have to admit the comments have made me laugh quite a bit. lighten up fella :)

  3. mister miyagi April 11, 2012

    my fellow internet user, how can you get so upset by this? the posts have been thoroughly entertaining! as morton says, relax dude, read the posts again, maybe they’ll make you smile.

  4. REVIEWS-Phoenix Mode! April 11, 2012

    Hey, let me extend the olive branch here, I only wanted to spread the LOVE in the ONLY way uncle Phoenix knows how. Let me apologise for hurting your feelings, if I were with you rest assured I’d pass the bud and we could toke until all the bad feelings go away.
    Those tears aren’t necessary, please enjoy the music, pop some Lysergic-Acid-Dyeithelmien or Pscilocibin and cooool off.
    Your post here: inspired me to become a BETTER person, not a worse one. It was the way you spoke about stargates and stroking that really spoke to me.
    From one addict to another I’m throwin’ up the peace sign maybe we can form a team?

  5. ronson April 11, 2012

    thought this album was popular for some inexplicable reason, turns out it’s just a bitch-fest in here. ah well. at least some of it is funny.

    • penes12 April 11, 2012

      why mus u sexism? oke notsogud muskic but i say two ppls befrore ( and, kiss my arse so wot. if no lyke porov stella shuld shud dup no? kant belife im talkeeng 2 such speeaky bastuds; go lissun gaga or jims bleek den, sorry hipsotr arse muddafuckas.

  6. jacksie April 11, 2012

    gonna burp the worm, whilst thinking about my favourite aunts tittays and listening to this wonderful album.
    after that i’ll go again, although perhaps my second cousin would be better fare, i have a picture of her at the beach, her bikini slipped and i’m sure i can see a nipple. it could be a birthmark, but i have a vivid imagination.

  7. ▐▐▌▐▀▐▐▀ April 11, 2012

    this place is fast becoming the go to, for my lunchtime read. my only complaint would be with the amount of illiterate people from ‘ahem’ different backgrounds that are allowed to post here. anyway, keep up the good work.

  8. mcklusky April 11, 2012

    one dude has been here 7 years, and is upset at being disrespected, the other seemingly looks up to him and wants to be partners?
    y’all are on some starsky and hutch shit
    i suggest you both hand in your badges!

  9. REVIEWS-Phoenix Mode! April 11, 2012

    OK: The game is over.
    EVERYTHING written by “Reviews-Phoenix Mode!”
    or “Reviews” has been hijacked by an… what?
    An idiot for sure.
    The way he talks about drugs reminds me of a narc.
    The way he then re-logs in as “other bloggers” praising his own stupid copycat failed jokes is just fairly pathetic.
    Point is: it’s over.
    I have e-mailed my friends my new user name (which I meant to change at the beginning of 2012 anyway).
    I am relaxed and happy as I give FROM THIS MOMENT ON the handle “REVIEWS…” to the copycat.
    To the copycat: Have fun. Use my name now. everyone knows it is not me, and I no longer care.

    • audobon April 12, 2012

      for an old guy, you certainly complain a lot. wow, it’s kinda sad really, but never mind.

  10. BOM April 11, 2012

    gracias por compartirlo

  11. yo ma man April 12, 2012

    Maybe it’s all just the one person with multiple personalities that’s posting. I’m finding it all rather amusing. Anyway has anyone actually listened to this album or what?

    • ▐▐▌▐▀▐▐▀ April 12, 2012

      careful, don’t laugh too loud, else the serious review man will point the finger of blame at you. he’ll say you’re just part of the conspiracy. personally i think he needs to lay off the d.rugs; they’re making him paranoid.

      • yo ma man April 13, 2012

        The guy sounds like a proper delusional fuckwit. Here’s the solution Mr review man – Don’t post any of your pretentious reviews. Problem solved.

  12. AZIZ April 12, 2012


  13. little timmy April 12, 2012

    all the scary mans scare me :(

  14. El Nel April 12, 2012


    • Len Le April 14, 2012


  15. Valter April 13, 2012

    Links down :(

  16. i2rael April 15, 2012

    great one!

  17. mostro April 16, 2012

    is the best album, is amazing tanks NO DATA!!!

  18. amazio April 20, 2012

    Fix Links Please :(

  19. fernando April 24, 2012

    file not found :(

  20. xacopo January 17, 2013

    Sorry my ignorance, but wherer’s the links? thanks

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