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deadmau5 / Maths [2012]

deadmau5 / Maths [UL][DF]


  1. aNewFaceInHell February 19, 2012

    Hypnos plans to use Stu’s body to get a chemical substance that Julie developed that gives people and animals nightmares, the Oneirix. Upon being sent to the institute by Hypnos upon reminding him of his mission, Monkeybone (in Stu’s body) ends up successfully stealing the Oneirix, switching it with another juice. Monkeybone obtains the Oneirix and puts it inside stuffed monkey toys of himself (Monkeybone) so that those who touch them will be infected and given nightmares. With help from Miss Kitty, Stu escapes from his imprisonment. Monkeybone in Stu’s body prepares a pinata for the Monkeybone farting dolls at the party. Meanwhile, Stu reveals Hypnos’ plan to Death and convinces her to send him back for only an hour, only to find himself in the body of a dead athlete organ donor (Chris Kattan). As he flees the morgue attendants, Stu finds out about Monkeybone’s planned party and heads there with the extractors still in pursuit. At the party, Stu’s agent, Herb (David Foley), exposes himself to the Oneirix in the Monkeybone doll and ends up seeing in the mirror that his clothes are coming to life. This causes Herb to run through the party naked, telling everyone that the clothes have come to life and turned evil. After that, Monkeybone in Stu’s body tells everyone to forget about it as he brings down the Stu pinata containing the Monkeybone Dolls. Stu uses Monkeybone’s main characteristics from the comics to cause him to panic and escape. A chase ensues, culminating with Stu and Monkeybone battling each other while clinging to a giant Monkeybone balloon. The balloon is eventually shot down by a passing incompetent policeman and both Stu and Monkeybone fall to their deaths.

  2. REVIEWS-Phoenix Mode! February 19, 2012

    It’s time to pat the shovel gently on the grave of Deadmaus…

  3. kidfortoday February 19, 2012

    This guy is such a tool! The world will improve drastically once he stops making music.

  4. simone borelak February 19, 2012

    Only ever listened to this fella once, did not enjoy.

  5. Gilgamesh February 19, 2012

    clichee artwork makes me want to puke.
    Shitty robotmouse….and the music is purest crap.

  6. ▐▐▌▐▀▐▐▀ February 19, 2012

    for once i agree with people on here. deadmau5 is awful.

  7. Conor February 19, 2012

    I don’t even see why this was posted? I don’t think too many nodaters would be into this pish

  8. albert the wolf March 21, 2012

    link are dead

  9. bkdelux March 21, 2012

    I see DeadMau5 and I run the other way. It’s on here so you know who to avoid if they like it.

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