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Untitled / Untitled 03 [2012]

Untitled / Untitled 03 [DF][UL]


  1. penes5 February 19, 2012

    plees tell us who b dunnit, i reely wun too tag dat on lastfm. why carn u jus say. unyway it al souns gud lyk ambiont crakcles an suftnes, nut as gud as the sof hares on ma main mans nekid buckb ack, buh nice fanks.

    • ▐▐▌▐▀▐▐▀ February 19, 2012

      will probably get people complaining at me for this, but i’m getting used to that. just want to know what on earth happened with your education to cause you to write this way? or are you just coloured?

      • ▐▐▌▐▀▐▐▀ February 19, 2012

        perfectly vaild question, but you have to be a racist pig bro? the fuck

  2. Really? February 19, 2012

    Nodata admins,

    Can we please not have racist comments/commenters hanging around?

    • REVIEWS-Phoenix Mode! February 19, 2012

      I agree, but lets also not be trollin’ over it. (I doubt you are the Nodata Admin, dude).
      Also, I would like to formally ask the guy: Did you mean to be racist? In fact, the next time I see him post I will ask him, as if he did not, then maybe we ought not to lynch him just yet.

  3. simone borelak February 19, 2012

    Seconded, can we please get that outta here?

  4. dissappointed February 19, 2012

    Wow, 17 thumbs up for racism. A new low for nodata…

  5. Orbis Tertius February 19, 2012

    Nodata, this clown is tarnishing a really great community.

    This shit has no place here.

  6. REVIEWS-Phoenix Mode! February 19, 2012

    The poor guy with the squares just can’t catch a break. I do not think that he was advocating for the KKK by needling the douch who posted above him. I am 37, and I can tell you, having lived in fracking North Carolina, that before the current Administation came along racism was nearly a non-issue. For reals.
    Now, its a hot-topic-panic-button. and yes, I am directly implying that Barak Hussain Obama has supported this divide step by step.
    Actually, I dont know if the guy above meant to be racist or not, but I do know that the subject has been intentionally resurrected, as part of a plan, that’s all.
    Also, this album sucks. And thats coming from someone who likes the genre, and related genres.

    • REVIEWS-Phoenix Mode! February 19, 2012

      Of course dude, obama is ALONE responsible for bringing back racism. Bringing back! when the fuck did it ever go away?! do you also think that obama is gonna lead us into communism?
      Goddamn republicans are fucking stupid

  7. JPG February 19, 2012

    oh for the love of……

  8. Brandon February 19, 2012

    So guys…how bout that music huh?

  9. Diastereoisomeric March 21, 2012

    Well good to see the comments are still retarded…

  10. soft silence January 30, 2014

    Down also

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