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Burnt Friedman / Bokoboko [2012]

Burnt Friedman / Bokoboko




  1. dodo February 19, 2012

    UL not in US.
    Deposit files 1hr 24mins.
    Letitbit dead.

    Mediafire 7minutes. hmmmmm

  2. REVIEWS-Phoenix Mode! February 19, 2012

    I just bought DF, and I think thats the point. Its ok with me…remember the buying cds? Anyway, this album was a nice surprise, a little like Mark Mguire maybe? But with more deep end.

  3. coyoteman March 22, 2012

    a little like mark McGuire?
    burnt friedman has been around for over two decades making music – pretty much as long as mcguire has been alive.
    description is on, but historical lineage reversed.
    if you like this, check out his earlier works & the albums he’s done with Jaki Leibezeit

    thanks for the link to this! I’ve been a nonplace/ burnt friedman fan for years.

  4. godzilla March 23, 2012

    yeah f*k that guy for comparing this to mark mcguire. Friedman has talent, has been an amazing musician for decades. There’s no one like him…

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