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Burial / Kindred [2012]

burial / kindred



  1. Ian February 11, 2012


  2. write tunes February 11, 2012

    Brilliant as usual. Thank you, nodata!

  3. keith February 11, 2012


  4. stn February 12, 2012


  5. Shimla February 12, 2012

    Did not not see that one coming! Thanks

  6. D_P February 12, 2012

    3X through already, it’s all fucking solid but ASHTRAY WASP ftw! Yet again, dude keeps ahead of the game, respect.

  7. zatt February 12, 2012

    So much fucking love.

  8. ymama February 12, 2012

    fuck yeah!

  9. ang February 12, 2012

    thank u based god

  10. Mee So February 12, 2012

    kindred and ashtray wasp are mega-tits. loner not so much, but it feels like he’s branching out and he’s fucking amazing. kudos and thank you.

    • Sebu February 12, 2012

      He was already “branching out” with Street Halo. That tune was somewhat dub/techno’ish. And yet again, it’s obvious when you listen to this EP; Burial more than anything hates genre definitions.

      • nox February 12, 2012

        thats a hell of a lot of downvotes, but why? i think hes spot on. burial doesnt want to be in just one genre

  11. woah February 12, 2012

    *creams everywhere*

  12. kidfortoday February 12, 2012

    Holy shit! What a sick sunday surprise! Ashtray Wasp is such a tune. As always, much gratitude nodata.

  13. Mind Reader February 12, 2012

    Nice to wake up the fresh Burial. Thanks.

  14. oiboy February 12, 2012

    wow, thanks nodata!

  15. XXX February 12, 2012

    Chingones como siempre!! Gracias!

  16. Leigh February 12, 2012

    Anyone else notice the Stone Roses (Elephant Stone) sample 4:36 into Ashtray Wasp?

  17. truth teller February 12, 2012

    This is a fake! You can hear a clip of ashtray wasp here…

    this trancey nonsense sounds nothing like it….dont get fooled!

    • DJ Clue February 12, 2012

      Apparently someone didn’t listen to the full track


      • truth teller February 12, 2012

        ah yeah….fair cop. i still say its trancey nonsense tho!

        • Haha! February 12, 2012

          More like prog-house.

  18. 11a February 12, 2012

    for sure a nice release. but do we always have to kill the things we love? this was released today? can’t you give the guy some time to make at least a few bucks with his work? damn

    • Irvine Welsh February 12, 2012

      Just because it’s downloaded doesn’t mean it won’t be purchased. I know that as soon as my local record shop has one in I’ll be going over there to pick it up

      • Tryingbeforebuying February 12, 2012

        Likewise. As soon as it arrives on boomkat or itunes, it’s gonna be bought. It’s only a three track EP, so it’s not going to break anyone’s pocket.

    • Julien Lamarre February 12, 2012

      mp3….dude…mp3…., i always purchased music i loved for .wav and a good quality. Without nodata i wouldn’t know those release. Vive Nodata!

      • REVIEWS February 13, 2012

        And that is the real issue, most of these artist ought to thank their lucky stars they are posted here, (or similar places), 80% of the music I BUY, SHARE, and GO SEE LIVE is extracted thusly.

  19. :pip February 12, 2012

    THANKS NODATA!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. GEORGIA HOME BOY February 12, 2012

    someone said they didn’t like loner much? i think its the best track of the three.

  21. What that last guy said February 12, 2012

    fucking incredible, everyone else should just quit music at this point.

  22. Yo February 12, 2012


  23. YoData February 12, 2012

    link down already?

  24. Yo February 12, 2012


  25. John Peel February 12, 2012

    Lacking in melody, depth and innovation. Emotionless. Emperor’s new clothes, Burial peaked on Untrue.

  26. Sound Verite February 12, 2012

    Good lookin’

  27. Richard Head February 12, 2012

    Nice! now I’m off to Dubstepforum to watch the freaks come out…..

  28. Johnny Mojo February 12, 2012

    Man, never knew people were so infatuated to a worshiping level here. Minus the talent of Burial, I feel like I’m reading a comments section of a Skrillex fan boy site.

    • Dog Shelter February 12, 2012

      I can’t believe you just put Burial and Skrillex in the same sentence. And shit, look what you’ve made ME do.

      • What that last guy said February 12, 2012

        the skrillex fad is already over. burial is forever.

  29. untrue February 12, 2012

    He needs to score some films .. would be Amazing.

  30. longlivenodatta February 12, 2012


  31. aaassa February 13, 2012

    i’d love to see a re-worked version of bladerunner with burial music.

  32. DJ Clue February 13, 2012

    That’s what Kuedo’s for

  33. user February 13, 2012


  34. brian February 13, 2012


  35. user2 February 14, 2012

    please re upload :s

  36. Joe February 14, 2012

    re-up please?

  37. GerryFitz February 14, 2012

    So… where are the film vocal samples from?

  38. jhdzrmz February 15, 2012

    Re-up please!

  39. RG402 February 17, 2012

    His songs seem to keep getting longer and longer. Stop teasing us with EPs and release another full-length, please!

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