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Stay+ / Fuck Christian AIDS [2012]

Stay+ / Fuck Christian AIDS

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  1. Anon February 11, 2012

    >Witch House

    Get with the times grandpa.

  2. The Internet February 12, 2012

    Yeah, don’t they know it’s all about seapunk now?

  3. MWSUA February 12, 2012

    ‘Fuck Christian AIDS’

    girl, please.

  4. REVIEWS February 13, 2012

    “We define ourselves by being the opposite of another group” Yawn.

    • Jason February 13, 2012

      You realize Stay+ and Christian AIDS are the same group, right?

      • KL February 14, 2012

        Ha ha, of course REVIEWS doesn’t. He’s one of the one on this site you can count on to have the worst taste possible and to never know what they’re talking about. Just do what people do to him in his real life, laugh and point.

        • it's September 8, 2013

          point and laugh…

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