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Gillian Welch / The Harrow & The Harvest [2011]

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  1. blatty June 28, 2011

    this is beautiful. thanks for the u/l.

    • jim June 28, 2011

      It’s only beautiful if you’ve lost the mid to top range of your hearing and are oblivious to this whining cow’s voice.

      • jimsuxcox&turdzfromyazz June 28, 2011

        yo jim, suck a turd from me arse. wonderful release from a great artist.

        • jim June 29, 2011

          gladly. I’ll then stuff it in ears.

  2. mike June 28, 2011

    need some triangles on that bewitching cover……..

    • jim June 29, 2011

      Also its missing an owl, a moon, an occult hand sign, pagan imagery, someone whispering magic. Oh wait…. Another fucking pathetic attempt to appear ‘relevant’

  3. Skinnypuppy June 29, 2011

    There are some bands/people I don’t dig. Some are because they are bad, some are because it’s not my type or style of music and I just can’t get into it. Most are because of the latter. Gillian is OK, but not my thing, however I GREATLY respect what she does. I guess what I’m trying to say is, “Jim” is a douchebag and needs to grow the fuck up :)

    • jim June 30, 2011

      suck an extra large dick. this music is creatively bankrupt and brings nothing new to the genre. you don’t like it either so quit with the intellectual superiority when you use terms like ‘douchebag’. fucking idiot.

      • Skinnypuppy June 30, 2011

        lol, douche

        • jim July 1, 2011

          Are you Kelly Osborne?

          • Skinnypuppy July 1, 2011

            lol, still douchin’

      • chancho June 30, 2011

        like james blake?
        What’s up with all the symbolism, did she sell her soul yet?

  4. Igor June 30, 2011

    Gosh, Jim… Are you a fan of her earlier stuff? This is almost a return to the sound on the first 2 releases + is, so far, pretty good. I don’t know that it brings much new to the genre, but there’s still some solid songwriting on display. And some rather tasty guitarwork + vocal harmonies, too.

    • jim July 1, 2011

      Do I seem like a fan ‘Igor’ or whatever your real name is? Hiding behind the name of Igor. Come out from the shadows!!

  5. muddybrookrambler July 2, 2011

    “jim” or whatever your real name is–enlighten us. what music is currently bringing something new to the genre? just wonderin’…
    (and hiding behind the name muddybrookrambler)

    • jim July 4, 2011

      Mumford & Sons?

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