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Purling Hiss / Lounge Lizards [2011]

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  1. jim June 27, 2011

    nupid stame

    • jackass June 27, 2011

      wrong. name rocks. you’re an idiot

      • jim June 28, 2011

        People who say something ‘rocks’ are spotty little fucks who know fuck all about anything.

  2. derrick June 27, 2011

    well you f’d that up. congrats

    • jim June 28, 2011

      Are you replying to me fucko? Try clicking on the reply button. You fucked that up, congrats.

  3. derrick June 28, 2011

    alright there bud
    why dont you calm down and go suck a bag of dicks

    • jim June 29, 2011

      Why don’t you get your own insults instead of copying Louis CK you jizz drenched bum monkey?

      • chris June 29, 2011

        jeez jim,
        cheer up there bub. sun’s shining today.

        • jim June 29, 2011

          fuck you guy I hope the sun sends you up in flames

          • chris June 29, 2011

            flames of a phoenix reborn. can’t bring me down today, jim.
            fuck you and your negativity.
            cheers ;)

          • jim June 29, 2011

            A ray of sunshine falls on you and you’re acting like all is well with the world. Babies starving, people murdering, war raging but its sunny in your world so fuck everyone else. You make me sick!

  4. jim June 29, 2011

    *vomit* *votim* at Chris’ cheery outlook

  5. Captain Spaulding July 1, 2011

    Jim is one bitter dude, I mean troll

    • jim July 1, 2011

      No he’s not. He is just messin’ for shits and giggles.

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