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Clams Casino / Rainforest [2011]

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  1. KL June 27, 2011

    TY. This is very good, guys.

    • jim June 28, 2011

      It so is fucking witch house. Sounds exactly like Salem with the beats turned up and the dumb fuck slowed down raps removed. All you have to be to be called a pioneer these days is adjust the pitch of the drums and go apeshit with the reverb. fucking dire bankrupt hyped jizz.

  2. Mike June 27, 2011

    I’ll give it a shot, but it’s not the same without basedgod on it.

  3. ... June 27, 2011


  4. MRPW June 27, 2011

    best kind.

    Love that Thursday sample :3

  5. davey crocket June 27, 2011

    why didnt the witch house hates come out for this one ?? its witch house minus the triangles on the album cover…oh but it is on TRIANGLE records…..

    • radiobro June 27, 2011

      lolwut. have you listened to this? its not at all witch house

      • jim June 28, 2011

        you believed the hype so easily.

  6. DM June 27, 2011

    this isn’t witch house ^

  7. davey crocket June 28, 2011

    keep telling yourself that.

  8. davey crocket June 28, 2011

    this shit is no different than salem. rape gazey……….

  9. listener June 29, 2011

    hahaha, witch house? don’t think so, this ones more abstract but listen to cold war, i’m god, or motivation from his earlier work… jim needs to fuck off this blog

    • jim June 30, 2011

      I’m guessing you probably loved witch house initially until you turned your back on it to appear ‘cool’. well I’ve got news for you fucko, your opinion is worthless.

  10. anonymous June 29, 2011

    This would sound great if I was too high to realize it was dogshit covered in a bunch of reverb. The sound quality/mixing on this album is fucking infuriating, I can’t believe this is considered professional quality. It sounds like it was done it garageband.

    • jim June 30, 2011

      agreed. production is amateur. idea is old. musical content is missing. beats are drowned. what reason is there to listen to this musical diarrhoea?

      • jim June 30, 2011

        also his mixtape was over hyped. even the beats I liked initially bore me to death on repeated listens.

      • mazar July 25, 2011

        because art ist everywhere ;)

        i like that drowned beats… there are no rules in making music

  11. anonymous June 30, 2011

    All this being said, “Natural” is a pretty nice track. Probably the only one I really like on here though. The rest is just kind of unlistenable because of the production quality.

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