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Various Artists / In The Mix Vol. 1 by Digitalism [2011]

[DF] [FS] [BS]


  1. -- June 26, 2011

    this loox like it might b cool but im bummed out bout my team river p going 2 2nd div. dont wanna hear no electr right now

  2. stereotyp June 27, 2011


  3. rioplatense June 27, 2011

    You have to LAUGH!!!!!!!!
    What a bunch of LOSERS !!!!!!!!
    Haven’t laughed so much since the “mighty” M@nchester Un1ted were relegated to the English Division 2 all those years ago !!!!!!

    • -- June 27, 2011

      u’re that old? good, that means u’ll die sooner hahaha

      • voristrip June 28, 2011

        you are gonna die, i’m gonna die, better we listen some nice music waiting for that skinny bitch, but im not sure about this one, should i give it a chance?

  4. d June 28, 2011

    it is rather disappointing

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