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UVB 76 / S Ā N [2019]

[Label: Teenage Menopause Records | Cat#: TMR031]
  1. Hajime
  2. Qiankun Tu
  3. Onna
  4. Shugo
  5. Itaewon
  6. Siji
  7. Nox
  8. Horo


  1. Are you a DJ? August 28, 2019

    Looks like King Krule

  2. saddle up, reality August 28, 2019

    the ritual known as “upacara itu”, involved cutting of the tongue and rubbing into the wound a hallucinogenic concoction produced from the berries of a particular forest tree. practiced mainly by the children of certain tribes in southeast asia, it is said the ancestral spirit will enter into the soul void of the young, and through their tongue via a mix of song and chanting, fill their voices guiding them into adulthood. in some cases upacara itu would involve ritual copulation between the young adults with the elders as a part of the coming of age ceremony.

    • in dreams August 28, 2019

      I thought they had unmasked the clowns acting like the “Chupacabra”. They were trying to cause some ruckus in the outskirts of Rio Rancho and Alamogordo. It gets boring out there and folks do end up goofing off but that’s no excuse!

  3. matt j August 28, 2019

    These tags are out of control

    • ggtt August 30, 2019

      they forgot to add ‘black metal’ tag.

      • Fenriz August 31, 2019

        Not trve enovgh to be black metal!

  4. Lil'Macron September 5, 2019

    where are you, dear no data ?

  5. BrexitParty September 9, 2019

    My grandma’s grave gets updated more than this site, what gives???? dropped right off.

  6. ᑕᐧᔐᔫᓂᑯᒑᔥ September 10, 2019

    Give this guy a break. He goes on a well-deserved vacation from us and tho we are extremely spoiled by his generosity, we should also be grateful and listen for a few weeks to the goodies he’s already provided us. I love this site and don’t want to piss him off.

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