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DJ Varsovie / Sombre Ibiza [2019]

[Label: Intervision | Cat#: FF05]
  1. Sombre Ibiza (06:11)
  2. Sydney (06:23)
  3. Shadows On A Dancefloor (06:51)
  4. When He Touches Your Body (05:03)
  5. Sombre Ibiza (Under Black Helmet Remix) (05:27)
  6. Sydney (Gëinst Ingrained Reshape) (06:14)
  7. Sombre Ibiza (14anger “Dark Sun Over Languedoc Beaches” Remix) (07:23)


  1. saddle up, reality September 11, 2019

    in recent reports, the ebm, or better known as “electronic bowel movement” scene has been trending of late amongst, oddly, late adolescent suburban school marms as well as middle aged stock market swingers – fueled mainly by a hefty influx of ketamine, electric anal plungers, and black market burritos from borneo.

    • Person September 11, 2019

      “black market burritos from borneo”… that’s a stretch

      • Diane September 22, 2019

        keep your mind full and your bowels empty

    • lol September 13, 2019

      Yes, but serious music connoisseurs listen to IBM or Intelligent Bowel Movements while twiddling their whiskers.

  2. R u sure September 12, 2019

    All the convos what do they mean
    When confronted to the gnawing ghost of dust
    And self inflicted ordeals
    Human impossibility
    Blame it at n capitalism – for now lol

  3. zn September 13, 2019


  4. le p'tit Macron Sarko September 14, 2019

    it’s not so simple. EBM hypers twist the rollin factory inside the movement on itself. Configuration needed for a solo bursted command another specifications. You know that !

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