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Animal Collective / The Painters EP [2017]

1. Kinda Bonkers (03:14)
2. Peacemaker (03:15)
3. Goalkeeper (02:47)
4. Jimmy Mack (04:07)


  1. Granda Pa Oli! February 17, 2017

    put a BONK on it!

  2. twiddlyknobs2.1 February 17, 2017

    It’s the kind of music an avant garde artist would have playing at their new installation entitled ‘Pissing on a plastic sheet and having Kendal Jenner roll around on it to the new EP by arvant gardeists The Animal Collectives’. Like yah, super cool.

  3. lol February 17, 2017

    Whenever music industry people use these awkward adjectives I can’t help but get the feeling some kind of marketing consultant told them to use “bonkers” after doing extensive focus groups with young adults aged 18-34, and found that one had the most positive associations.

    Also, Jimmy Mack was in my “Apple Music Playlists” or whatever the other day, is whatever corporation that owns the intellectually property for Jimmy Mack getting a biopic ready or something and this is all marketing?

    I can’t believe anything on the frontpage of Pitchfork to be authentic, sorry, what can i say.

  4. gay February 18, 2017

    look the Black Dice for normies farted out another one

  5. BATER February 19, 2017

    Please REUP!

  6. Granda Pa Oli! February 19, 2017

    black die WISH they could write actual songs! they got REAL boring post broken beer record!

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