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Drvg Cvltvre / We Are New York Haunted [2016]

New York Haunted / NYH50

1. AAAA & Tin Man – Shelters Protect You (07:57)
2. Foil – Neutral Currents (06:33)
3. DyLAB – Aladdin House (05:17)
4. Detention – Cursing Doesn’t Hurt You, But Fucking Your Mom Does (06:21)
5. Kluentah – Alle Gegen Alle (06:32)
6. MEZE – Invisible Raw Code (08:37)
7. Baz Reznik – PitchIn (06:06)
8. Mike Davis – Tear Us Apart Again (08:00)
9. Kuvera B – The Peabody Sisters (Salem Edit) (05:52)
10. Leonardo Martelli – Matteo (04:32)
11. Hysteric Agent – Port Nostromo (05:44)


  1. HalfWhit July 28, 2016

    This guy hangs out on the corner of the street that I live on. As of late I have become wary of him for reasons other than the bizarre mask he wears, the assault rifle slung over his shoulder, and the stoney that is always hanging from his mouth.

    • ••• July 28, 2016

      it’s and RPG, dipshit.

      • corn crab chowder July 28, 2016

        how you u know u been on his block?

        • TheOB3 July 28, 2016

          We all live on the same block. I am just sorting this out in my mind. There is no other side of the tracks. Certainly there are variances of pain and suffering: Ghettos v.s. Wealthy provinces protected by corrupt politicians who hoard money in off shore accounts, war torn provinces in the Middle-East where refugees are starving and sick without medicine, those suffering the loss of loved ones lost to whatever, and of course the rich and mighty who have created imaginary play pens for themselves and their equals where they slobber like pigs in trough over their sushi and vegan entrees. However, in the end we all get zapped out of here and that is when all accounts are divvied up and settled. Instant Karma is going to get all us. The weight of our sins will bury most of us in an eternal damnation and there will not be Sociologist’ to place import on what neighborhood or province we resided and rotted in while here on earth. The guilt of the corrupt rich will equal the pain and suffering of the poor. We are all on the same street.

      • Owl July 28, 2016


    • Hot Take July 29, 2016

      does he sell bro??

  2. trashfuck July 28, 2016

    what motivates ppl to write long shit nobody will read

    • Hot Take July 29, 2016

      internet fame = everything u no it bro

  3. tomyork July 28, 2016

    gta screenshot as a cover LOL SO RANDOM

  4. noviolence July 28, 2016

    Promoting violence is never OK

  5. dc July 29, 2016

    this is actually NOT a DC release, but a various artists release of course. And stop talking shit about my GTA sleeves you kids

  6. OVRSEERX July 29, 2016

    sappin mah sentry

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