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Dead Fader / It Works 1 [2016]

[Label: Parachute Records | Cat#: PAR010]
  1. Spinning Wheel (4:00)
  2. Climaxed (4:29)
  3. Sweeties (4:55)
  4. Inject (6:21)


  1. Tom Green June 28, 2016

    Many of the people who make truly innovative music are never widely recognised and never make any money from it. If they’re lucky, 20 years after the fact all the people who cashed in by co-opting their sound will appear on TV programmes saying how influential they were. If they’re not, their music will be consumed only by obsessive men who have no sex lives.

    • triteBUTNOT June 28, 2016

      nearly there.. whose sex lives don’t involve others..

    • cona June 29, 2016

      Are you Thomas H. Green? That’s copypasted from his review of Glass Underworld next to Fela Kuti and Simple Minds.
      It’s like saying that Aphex Twin only makes music for wankers.

    • Dick Jagger June 29, 2016

      Wow, this was very different from Glass Underworld, faster and less cinematic, wish it had more emotional soundscapes to blend with the hyperbeat, gonna follow Dead Fader anyways, he knows his craft, he should be more *famous

      There is too much music to digest in these digital times, thx NoData to present the things up my alley

  2. RDJ June 28, 2016

    Word! And great EP by the way.

  3. The Ghost of Michael Jackson June 29, 2016

    ty nodata

  4. cona June 29, 2016

    As it’s known that a lot of people are downloading this due to the artwork, this is the source:

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