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The Chemical Brothers / Hanna [2011]

Download [FS]


  1. moi March 15, 2011

    Hi guys,

    Your work is truly AMAZING and the EPs you post here are incredible!!! I really appreciate the fact that you guys are sharing, however what happened to HOTFILE???
    these FS and DS are the most annoying websites to download things. It’s just impossible and very difficult.
    It would be amazing if you put HF back in action as these other pages are rather slow and irritating. THANK YOU.

  2. blabla March 15, 2011

    Maybe you shouldn’t use internet explorer to download. I can download from FS and DS just fine

  3. SpecialAgentDaleCooper March 15, 2011

    Use Firefox + Skipscreen.

  4. puxel March 15, 2011

    maybe they should be using mediafire so we don’t have to wait. :o

  5. conaeir March 15, 2011

    Well if we are complaining about servers I want Megaupload back.

  6. Reubs March 16, 2011

    Big thanx for this.
    HOTFILE have had HUGE problems with thr RIAA or BPI – whatever they are called. They are probably shying away from music uploads now.
    They’ve gone the same way as the wonderful Rapidshare!

  7. pav March 17, 2011

    Use mediafire!!

  8. Machiventa March 17, 2011

    Or just use these mirror sites which will host files on several host sites:


  9. Tinitus March 21, 2011

    lets see what Chem Bros are bringing now.. I really dont like at all his last work: very boring to me. I wish some kind of “new surender”, something that fresh..

    about where to upload I prefer mediafire

  10. Tinitus March 22, 2011

    so nice! so cool!

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