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Pantha du Prince / The Winter Hymn [2016]

Rough Trade / RTRADDS777

01 • [04:35] • The Winter Hymn (feat. Queens)
02 • [10:39] • Post Human Palisades (feat. Kassian/Bendik)
03 • [10:42] • Dream Yourself Awake (Long Version)


  1. The Ghost of Michael Jackson February 21, 2016

    ty nodata! good 2 hear from this guy

  2. Trilateral Commission February 21, 2016

    A master!

  3. smi. February 22, 2016

    If this comes close to “Black Noise” we’re in for a treat. Thank you!

  4. FakeMoonLanding February 22, 2016

    Oh yesum please ums.

  5. juststuffit February 25, 2016

    I’m pretty much a drama whore, and back in TBC (when I used to play a lot), a couple of friends and I even created our own “drama and gossips” forum, where we exchanged pictures of naked people, chat logs, screenshots and what not. It was pretty funny.

    So anyway, my biggest drama was pretty much this:
    Back then, I was more or less class leader in an average guild (we cleared TK and BT before the huge nerf). Around the time we cleared Magtheridon, we hired another priest, girl A, 30 or so, and pretty nice looking. Knowing this, most males in the guild tried to do her (me included).
    Whether she did it on purpose or not, she used that to her advantage, always finding someone to do her bidding.She’d usually play and flirt with a dude for one or two months, then switch to another. No need to say that I was this guy more than once. Though I never crawled at her feets, we’d often play till dawn or chat on MSN, and call eachothers. Then we’d get mad for a month or so, and start again. Maybe I’m dillusional, but I think we had more of a real friend relationship than she had with other dude, even though I know she flirted with everyone.

    Then, another girl (B) got hired, a warlock or priest. She was dating a guy from the guild, she was pretty hideous and a complete slut (she used to send me naughty messages while she was playing with her bf). She learnt that the other girl had flirted with said guy for a while, and a bitter conflict erupted.

    Then, some day, a troll account posted something on the realm forum, saying “Girl A is a slut, she does this and that, and she’s here only cause she flirts with everything that has a penis. She’d better take care of her kid than play WoW 24/7”. Obviously, girl B got blamed for it (she might or might not have done it, I still don’t know to this day), and girl A accused me of having given girl B informations about her, and thus being responsible, or even the head leading the plot. Girl B left the guild with her boyfriend (the main tank), and being widely regarded as a jerk by many officers and long time members, I left it too, even though I was mostly saddened someone decided to expose girl A’s life on the forum, and even though I’ve been in this guild from the time we were wiping on Moroes.
    Girl A left as well, moved to another realm, and since then, the guild has sunk to a casual level.

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