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Future / EVOL [2016]


Ain’t No Time [prod. Southside] In Her Mouth [prod. Southside] Maybach [prod. Metro Boomin & Southside] Xanny Family [prod. Metro Boomin & Southside] Lil Haiti Baby [prod. Moe Goonie & TeeLow Da Producer] Photo Copied [prod. Metro Boomin & Southside] Seven Rings [prod. TM88 & MP808] Lie to Me [prod. DJ Spinz] Program [prod. Southside] Low Life (Ft. The Weeknd) [prod. Metro Boomin & Ben Billions & The Weeknd (co.)] Fly Shit Only [prod. DJ Spinz]


  1. Pee Baby February 20, 2016

    This is what it looks like after you pee on a fire.

  2. abe simpson February 20, 2016

    didnt know future was such a big sonic youth fan

  3. Fiddlesticks February 20, 2016

    Beautiful artwork

  4. Hostile territory February 20, 2016

    Get a blog asshole.

    • Pee Baby February 20, 2016


  5. Michelle February 20, 2016

    Yeah, no one wants to hear your opinion on the aesthetic qualities of art, an imbecile can see that is beautiful and we don’t want morons like you telling what is and what is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    • Pee Baby February 20, 2016

      Yeah, get a blog. Let us talk about real matters.
      Like pee

      • Michelle February 20, 2016

        You need to see a Psychiatrist.

        • Pee Baby February 21, 2016


  6. Donald Trump February 20, 2016

    This is what it sounds like when you pee on a fire.

  7. Apocalyptic Boredom February 20, 2016

    best Future release

  8. peee February 24, 2016

    This is what it sounds when you pee.

  9. doo doo February 25, 2016

    This is a fucking joke. This has taken crap hip hop to a new level of shite.

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