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Memoryhouse / Soft Hate [2016]

1. Fate (4:01)
2. Get Back (4:10)
3. Arizona (3:56) Official Music Video
4. Dream Shake (3:33) Official Music Video
5. In the Woods (1:12)
6. Sarah (3:38)
7. Knife in the Water (3:20)
8. It Was True (3:14)
9. Honey, Baby, Darling (3:33)
10. Laney (3:24)


  1. TheClearLight February 10, 2016

    Case in point. Memoryhouse are tremendously talented and their work stands up to the test. Do you think that you will someday see this duo appear at the Super Bowl halftime show, or as guest on the Ellen Degeneres show? No way. The filth would not have them let alone know who they are.

    • Parlourhorses February 11, 2016

      I wouldn’t necessarily equate Ellen with an embarrassing super bowl halftime show. Yes, they are both contributing to the ‘Bread & Circuses’ dumbing down of the population, but I think I could probably sit through her show without eating a bullet.

      • TheClearLight February 11, 2016

        T.y.. Parlourhorses for words of reason. A systematic lulling of the unsuspecting consciousness into a dream state that is as fake as “The Man Behind The Curtain” in the Wizard Of Oz.. It is a sham based on a false narrative: a belief that we will fit in with the beautiful and rich set someday. These daytime shows with the host throwing smoke and mirrors with their political view and brainwashed interpretation of the world. Who knows, zombie out in front of the widescreen and perhaps someday you will be wealthy and beautiful. The occasional psychologically damaged guest to show us who is on the right side: opulent and self-indulgent lifestyles, greed and self-preservation at the highest level of narcissism. I couldn’t sit through one their shows without swallowing the bullet.

  2. Shirt February 11, 2016

    E.D. is the biggest phony in W.H. hiding behind her sexuality for political power and financial gain. Scary, almost leads someone to the doorsteps of the G.O,P. and lunatics like D.T. Yuuuggeee.

  3. Jake Jake February 13, 2016

    On one hand it’s good that i’m not baffled by this conversation, meaning at least it’s not news to me that much of the country is in a mental washout-zone, nodding at their televisions.
    On the other it freaks me the fuck out, because when the shit becomes terrible, will we all find each other somehow? If even that happens, then what? “Fight the power” together and be surgically stricken from the landscape of some field moments before even launch our first attack on a military so techno-accellerated that they could subdue every citizen in the country numerous times over even if everyone attacked at once?
    Anyway, Memoryhouse Is excellent.
    Also, she’s my dream girl.
    Also I’m gonna pick this up on vinyl tomorrow, so…. at least it’s out there that I’m not total scum. I do make a purchase for every (#?#?#?#) or so things I DL and end up keeping.

  4. TheClearLight February 13, 2016

    Jake Jake, go easy and find to a mantra to hum or sing. A tactic of the wealthy, famous, and rich. There will be no revolution and should not ever be, love and the peace that will prevail after everyone has found love and learn to love one another. We are all human beings, and the animals around us have souls as well. Hmmmmmmm.

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