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The Body / No One Deserves Happiness [2016]

Thrill Jockey / Thrill 407

01. Wanderings
02. Shelter Is Illusory
03. For You
04. Hallow – Hollow
05. Two Snakes
06. Adamah
07. Starving Deserter
08. The Fall and the Guilt
09. Prescience
10. The Myth Arc


  1. TheClearLight February 10, 2016

    It is not that no-one deserves happiness, for that state of emotion simply does not exist. My ethics professor once said that the best one could hope for in life are momentary episodes of joy, but those pass too. Learn to except life on the parameters that have been given to you. It is difficult when the entertainment and mass marketing media keeps screaming at you that their fake world of eternal happiness is the one to follow. Do not follow their words! They are souls liars. People like Leo Di Caprio (his phony battle with computer generated images of a bear that nearly claws him to death) and the shows he appears on like the Ellen Degeneres program are filth and an obscene lie. Do not inspire to live your life like these people, they will all rot in hell. Follow the Clear Light and your soul will exit this mayhem someday in peace.

    • BRUH February 10, 2016


      • god February 10, 2016

        that was worth reading tbh

        • BRUH February 11, 2016

          Leo Di Caprio and Ellen Degeneres are evil liars. You’re right, that was definitely worth reading for a laugh.

    • T February 10, 2016

      Learn to “except” life lol

    • Damn February 11, 2016

      “my ethics professor once said…” lol

      • o February 11, 2016


  2. cuntdestr0yer92 February 12, 2016

    did this artist get permission before using hillary clinton’s likeness on their album cover?

  3. Adam March 17, 2016

    Happiness is temporary and circumstantial, Joy is a state of mind that endures regardless of the circumstance.

    And no one deserves anything. Take that government of inalienable rights

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