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Danny Bryant / Blood Money [2016]

Jazzhaus Records

1. Blood Money (4:59)
2. Master Plan (4:19)
3. Slow Suicide (5:49)
4. Unchained (4:27)
5. On the Rocks (3:59)
6. Sugar Sweet (4:10)
7. Fool’s Game (5:07)
8. Holding All the Cards (3:51)
9. Just Won’t Burn (6:55)
10. Sara Jayne (4:53)


  1. mirek February 4, 2016

    this is atrocious

  2. Anonymous February 4, 2016

    Typical Paleo diet situation: you lose the weight quickly but then you go right back to the carbs and drinking beer and then you gain it right back.

  3. BuffyTheVampire February 4, 2016

    Ole Danny Bryant stands tall with his ax held upright over his blubbery belly that he got practicing the same mixolydian scale over and over atop a I-IV-V dominant G7 progression. . Cop mustache and a cheap suit he purchased from Mench Warehouse there is not a trace of shame oils in this man’s throat. Blues Electronic Rock (the first stab at this weird genre) is his choice in hope of someday riding the high tide of success in his target market of beer sloven hillbilly white trash big wheeled truckers who do not live but always die by the sword. He tried but couldn’t do it.

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