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DIIV / Is the Is Are [2016]

1. Out of Mind
2. Under the Sun
3. Bent (Roi’s Song)
4. Dopamine
5. Blue Boredom (Sky’s Song)
6. Valentine
7. Yr Not Far
8. Take Your Time
9. Is the Is Are
10. Mire (Grant’s Song)
11. Incarnate Devil
12. (Fuck)
13. Healthy Moon
14. Loose Ends
15. (Napa)
16. Dust
17. Waste of Breath


  1. Storung December 30, 2015


  2. w33d December 30, 2015

    absolute garbage

    • Storung December 30, 2015

      Awwww bummer! It sucks?!!

      • ok December 30, 2015

        I’m not sure… I’ll wait until someone says something and then I may do a youtube search… I’ll let you know though.

        • lol December 30, 2015

          The single was Pitchfork Boring, in other words one of those tracks dull enough to earn a red orange badge of banality. I don’t see any reason why the other 16 tracks would be any better.

          • alice pooper December 30, 2015

            You’re totally right. I haven’t even heard the single and I also don’t see any reason why this album should exist.

          • feedthecollapse December 31, 2015

            if you didn’t like that one track, you won’t like the others as it’s like the same track played for 60 minutes. Only the Sky Ferreira track stood out.

  3. Storung December 30, 2015

    WHo has posted since March… thanks for coming out of the shadows!

  4. Jesús Linde December 31, 2015

    very BIG!!! Happy 2016!!

  5. December 31, 2015

    rich-parents-trust-fund-poser-core! best new music! best new 90s! best new slacker heroin chic via rich mommy cool!

    • god January 2, 2016


  6. SKA January 1, 2016

    Better than Oshin as an album, but Oshin has the better standout tracks (Follow, Sometime). Just in case anyone cares what the MUSIC actually SOUNDS LIKE.

    • butterloaf January 1, 2016

      Music? I thought this was the ‘who can sound like the world’s most pretentious jagoff’ competition!

      • butt hurt loaf January 1, 2016

        you just zo zo right!

  7. sore anús January 1, 2016

    music brah?

  8. Herman January 2, 2016

    All the chatter here has come to rest. It should be noted that the artwork for this record provides enough incentive to want to rush to the record store and purchase this record. Who cares what it sounds like.

  9. YAYA January 22, 2016


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