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David Bowie / Lazarus [2015]

Iso Records

01. Lazarus (6:22)




  1. LA January 3, 2016

    Now this is a teaser– thx nodata.
    Don’t really like this tune but really like the other two that are making the rounds.
    67 yo and still kicking, all the power 2 u DB.

  2. Leptodicktalus January 3, 2016

    Dollar Days really stands out

  3. guydo January 4, 2016

    some razzamajazz

  4. ddd January 4, 2016

    some people just dont know when their time is up. in bowie’s case his time was up in the early 80s, i have no idea why hes stuck around for decades of irrelevancy

  5. Herman January 4, 2016

    David Bowie is one of the greatest acts to come out of Britain. Chaplin, The Beatles, He is on par with both, his music never became soft and past the eighties it grew more experimental and strange, but never uninteresting, While Paul stomps around with a group of twenty year olds playing old songs, Bowie was forever in revolution, moving forward, Unless you are either Paul or John, or Charlie, you really can’t criticize this man at any level. We will never see anything like Bowie or The Beatles or Chaplin ever again. Appreciate what we have.

    • Jeralean Talley January 4, 2016


  6. yufe January 4, 2016

    youthful, energetic, rebellious, but above all anachronistic music for the nostalgic-laden who just can’t get enough. Die! Die! Die!

    • memoirs of mifune January 4, 2016

      Tora! Tora! Tora!

  7. AnochristicAlley January 6, 2016

    “Fashion, turn to the left, fashion, turn to the right. We got the goon squad and we’re coming to town, beep beep.”

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