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Various Artists / Playin’ with My Friends – Live [2015]

Gateway Music

1. Playin’ With My Friends
2. Get it Out of Your Mind
3. Please Send Me Someone To Love
4. Someone Else is Steppin’ In
5. I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water
6. I Never Loved a Man
7. Freedom is Just Beyond the Door
8. Swinging Shepherds Blues
9. Ain’t Nobody’s Business
10. Dr. Feelgood


  1. lensen October 3, 2015

    Danmarks ukronede jazz- og bluesdronning, Birgitte Laugesen, synger på Ny V58 sammen med sit stjernebesatte band.

  2. CoachDumfi October 3, 2015

    Ole Laugesen finally hooking up with his old tribe of sauerkraut luftwafers,, knocking back a few Beck Dark Lagers,leaning out the spittles of their brass instruments and blowing wild for hours before laying down these tracks.

    • $2.98 October 4, 2015

      Denmark’s most popular drink is Akvavit, a kind of Scandinavian Schnapps. Some drink beer after a sip of akvavit, but purists generally lament this practice, claiming the beer will ruin the flavour and aftertaste.

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