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Majical Cloudz / Are You Alone? [2015]


1. Disappeared
2. Control
3. Are You Alone?
4. So Blue
5. Heavy
6. Silver Car Crash
7. Change
8. If You’re Lonely
9. Downtown
10. Easier Said Than Done
11. Game Show
12. Call on Me


  1. brigadier October 3, 2015

    shave your head, get weird

  2. lone October 3, 2015

    No, I’m lonely

  3. CoachDumfi October 3, 2015

    When I was in college I lived alone in a single room apartment with sparse furnishings. My telephone sat on the cold hardwood floors in the middle of the room. Every night, when I was studying it would ring and this creep would ask me the same question: “Are you alone?” I always answered in the affirmative, “Yes”, but that was a lie because there was an army of cockroaches with me in this 2,000 dollar a month dump.

  4. jjj October 6, 2015

    not as good as impersonator, but still great.

  5. cc November 11, 2015

    is there any chance to have the links working again?
    thnx in advance!

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