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Arcade Fire / The Reflektor Tapes [2015]

Virgin EMI Records / 4751721

Women of a Certain Age
Flashbulb Eyes (Dennis Bovell remix feat. Linton Kwesi Johnson)
Soft Power
Get Right
Crucified Again


  1. weirdo September 29, 2015

    hipster music

    • comesaveus September 30, 2015

      more like kewl dad music bra

    • felix September 30, 2015

      and we are so cool that we don’t even like this music, aren’t we?. congratulations to ourselves…

      • Actual Ladder October 2, 2015

        I hear that… I guess some people are just lucky enough to know what magazines to read in order to align themselves with genuinely cool opinions, huh?

        • fluxus October 2, 2015

          its on a major duh

  2. =-9 September 29, 2015

    People that like Bono, Eddie Veder and Kanie West are fans of this band

    • YourMumWasRight September 29, 2015

      So? Listen to yourself going on

    • Costanza October 1, 2015

      People that think they’re hip are fans of this band. People that think they’re even hipper diss this band and lump them together with Bono, Eddie Vedder, and Kanye West, even though one has nothing to do with the other

      • Actual Ladder October 2, 2015

        So, are you, like, genuinely hip, then? ‘Meta-hip’, maybe? So fucking hip that you can see through all the lower-level mere pseudo-hipness to the deep truth that nobody is hip? (Except, perhaps, you? Or else, hipness is actually not hip, and you, by not being hip, are therefore hip?)


        All this classification and putting people down on the basis that there’s a band they like or dislike and that therefore means that they’re more or less hip or uncool or whatever the hell else – for fuck’s sake, it’s just music! Enjoy it if you can! If not, then I hope y’all find something else out there that you can enjoy!

  3. burr September 29, 2015

    Oboom is the best site

  4. Turdholder October 2, 2015

    Arcade Fagets

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