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Keith Richards / Crosseyed Heart [2015]

Virgin EMI / Mindless Records / 4739400

1. Crosseyed Heart
2. Heartstopper
3. Amnesia
4. Robbed Blind
5. Trouble
6. Love Overdue
7. Nothing On Me
8. Suspicious
9. Blues In The Morning
10. Something For Nothing
11. Illusion
12. Just A Gift
13. Goodnight Irene
14. Substantial Damage
15. Lover’s Plea


  1. Ricky September 20, 2015

    “I’d like to thank all the babies whose blood i drank during the making of this record – without you, i would have spontaneously caught on fire and this record would never have been completed.”

  2. jim September 21, 2015

    Those fingers look like anal beads

  3. Dignitas September 21, 2015

    That anus almost looks like a face

    • jim September 21, 2015

      witless prick

  4. weirdo September 21, 2015

    i love keef. show a little respect pls ppl. what have you contributed to life? exactly! shut up trolls

  5. jim September 21, 2015

    The guy has lived an easy life. Easy job, easy pussy, easy money, easy everything. I’ve got respect for someone on low pay wiping the sloppy ass crack of a piss ridden dementia sufferer. Now that’s hard. Playing a guitar? Easy. I’ve known enough people who can play an instrument as good as this prick but haven’t won the fame lottery. It’s not a big deal, you just chose to follow the sheep and idolise the cunt. If someone you worked with took as much drugs as him you would think them a loser cunt. Keef does it and you call him a legend. Fuck him, fuck you.

    • yo douche September 21, 2015

      just stfu douche

    • succioname el manguaco September 21, 2015

      Just kill yourself drama queen

  6. Nick Jaguar September 21, 2015

    Naw man… fuck YOU! …. Little Jimmy! … Jimmy Fuck!

  7. weirdo September 21, 2015

    jim can’t be serious. nobody is that ignorant. use /s for sarcasm next time jimbo

  8. jim September 21, 2015

    and he has a limp wrist in the photo. read into that what you will.

  9. jim September 21, 2015

    He is taking the piss out of the disabled I think, like John lennon

  10. jim September 21, 2015

    Comments are cool, you do get a sense that you are connected with people.

    • GladioB September 23, 2015

      Is that an oxymoron?

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