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Lana Del Rey / Honeymoon [2015]

Interscope Records / Polydor / 0060254748830500602547488305

Music to Watch Boys To
Terrence Loves You
God Knows I Tried
High by the Beach
Art Deco
Burnt Norton
The Blackest Day
Swan Song
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood


  1. Weird Guilders September 21, 2015

    Music for your Instragram pictures

  2. Storung September 21, 2015

    I think I’ve taken that tour

  3. CoachDumfi September 21, 2015

    Ole Lana Del Ray is up early with the birds on Saturday morning so that she can ride the Hollywood Tourist bus. The driver blares over the intercom, “Over there is where Betty Davis lived, and over there is Greta Garbo’s old mansion. You remember the film ‘Sunset Boulevard”? Lana stands up with her binoculars and peers at the old mansion. She is the only one on the bus, but the driver continues to talk loudly through the intercom.

  4. jim September 22, 2015

    she can take a guided tour around my sausage

  5. mr behind the bike shed September 22, 2015

    OMG!!!!!!!!! I nearly wet myself when I saw this. Squealing with delight I hurriedly put my fluffy headphones on and shut the curtains before the postman could see my in my spaghetti t-shirt/brown Y fronts ensemble. The lovely, lovely Lana comes forth and is born to die, again and again and again, and again. Will my dreams always come true? Well of course they can. I can tell you this pop-pickers when she opens her mouth the HEAVENS speak to me, trumpets trump and the voices of an angel kisses me on the ears. When you are on as many highs as I, ( I am after all the most celebrated being at all the posh celebrity parties), the whole world re-joices. Once I’ve listened to this about 23 times I’ll let you people know what it’s all about. So get on the OxyContin, spark up a doob and get on top of Lana and give her a good right seeing to.
    That is all my followers.

  6. . September 22, 2015

    Wtf what’s THIS doing here?

    • Ego September 22, 2015

      For you to download and not financially contribute to the artist.

      Also for you to make a comment that you believe is impactful, but really just makes you look like an anonymous goon because you only listen to music that fall into the Techno/Grime/Wonky/Experimental genre, all other artists are pure shit in your opinion.

      • Ego September 22, 2015

        On that note, she doesn’t need your financial contribution, so you should go back to the main page and not contribute to the more independent artists.

  7. cuntdestr0yer92 September 22, 2015

    pussy rapist

  8. comesaveus September 23, 2015

    did you hear shes making an album with oneohtrix?
    gon be epic yalls

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