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Tori Amos / Unrepentant Geraldines [2014]

Mercury Classics

1. “America”
2. “Trouble’s Lament”
3. “Wild Way”
4. “Wedding Day”
5. “Weatherman”
6. “16 Shades of Blue”
7. “Maids of Elfen-Mere”
8. “Promise”
9. “Giant’s Rolling Pin”
10. “Selkie”
11. “Unrepentant Geraldines”
12. “Oysters”
13. “Rose Dover”
14. “Invisible Boy”


  1. cwc May 10, 2014

    well this looks rather unpleasant

  2. 0- May 10, 2014

    Rumor has it this is what CR7 listens to during his tweezing and mani-pedi appointments.

  3. effi May 11, 2014

    Good thing they had some Photoshop on hand.

    • Leon Lovich May 11, 2014

      Unfortunately , that isn’t photoshop, that’s her real face. “Unrepentant Plastic Surgeons”

      • Mr.BehindTheBikeSheds May 12, 2014

        Fuck me, she’s got a face like a dropped pie in real life. No way that hasn’t had shopping done on it.

        • plank May 13, 2014

          ‘like a dropped pie’ fuck that’s a good simile!

  4. bollocks May 11, 2014

    everyone iv ever met who is into tori amos is gay and dresses like a reject from a sandman comic. seriously

    • cornflake poo May 11, 2014

      also popular with the “chubby girl with dyed red hair/nerd glasses and vintage dress” species. she should have been executed along with fiona apple and chloe sevigny forf ailed 90s alterna femme memes

      • Storung May 11, 2014

        Tori will always have a special place in my heart. She got me through high school because of assholes like you all. She’s a remarkable ARTIST, and I’m sure I can’t say the same for you all…

        • wax & wane May 11, 2014

          sorry to jump in on the trollfest but considering some of the far superior other ARTISTS that were around at the same time, im taking it that you have awful taste in music. insipid rubbish. meh each to they,r own i suppose. sounds like one tree hill/dawsons creek background music to me. completely bland

        • plunorium May 11, 2014

          if you needed music this bad to get you through high school then im surprised you are still alive today

          • Bitcoin May 11, 2014


          • wren May 12, 2014

            hahah nice one

          • panes May 12, 2014

            ooh shit

          • Assblaster May 13, 2014


  5. scrotum masquerade May 11, 2014

    file under “shit”.

  6. poet May 11, 2014

    10 bucks she’s only into anal

    • loves to spooge May 11, 2014

      no just “making love” and lots of hugs and crying and exagerated moaning

    • DX May 13, 2014

      “Torn Anus” lol

  7. twilight fairy goddess rainbow heart May 11, 2014

    so empowering. i cant stop crying its so beautiful

  8. lockett cundt May 11, 2014

    fuck off tori amos. just go fuck yourself

    • tele May 18, 2014


  9. Storung May 11, 2014

    You all are fucking childish and LAME! I’ve lost some serious respect for the peeps that cruz ND…

    • dave May 11, 2014

      nobody cares, this music is awful

      • Kashmir May 12, 2014

        But we do know her name cuz she was a one trick pony loooooong time ago. ;)

    • the ghost of michael jackson May 11, 2014

      Your problem was having any respect for us in the first place.

      We’re a bunch of savages…

    • 16 shades of shite May 12, 2014

      First rule about comments on nodata, don’t get sentimental about anything – the result will always be ridicule. Second rule about comments on nodata, don’t go full retard & admit you like Tori Amos.

      • Assblaster May 13, 2014


  10. derekdetonate May 11, 2014

    comments are incredible.

    • michael May 11, 2014

      this is a good batch, im all for it. theres no abuse like tori abuse! shes really awful, but hey, some people obviously like her terrible music.

    • davey May 11, 2014

      comments are vile.

      • davey May 11, 2014

        even worse then crystal castes

  11. bate kush May 11, 2014

    just die tori, just fuck off into your shitty fantasy land with your awful “quirky” over-dramatic bullshit songs and fucking die

  12. shenmue May 11, 2014

    did tmt like this

  13. Jimmy Saville May 11, 2014

    I wouldn’t kick her out of bed in the morning for farting ;)

  14. Brittany murphy's rotting corpse May 11, 2014

    Embalmed realness

  15. lil johnny May 12, 2014

    she da bomb

  16. cuntdestr0yer92 May 12, 2014

    can she really take dick or nah?

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