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Michael Nyman performed by Valentina Lisitsa / Chasing Pianos The Piano Music of Miachael Nyman [2014]


(01) [Valentina Lisitsa] The Heart Asks Pleasure First
(02) [Valentina Lisitsa] Big My Secret
(03) [Valentina Lisitsa] Candlefire
(04) [Valentina Lisitsa] If
(05) [Valentina Lisitsa] Sheep ‘n’ Tides
(06) [Valentina Lisitsa] Goodbye Moortie
(07) [Valentina Lisitsa] Fly Drive
(08) [Valentina Lisitsa] Diary of Love
(09) [Valentina Lisitsa] Time Lapse
(10) [Valentina Lisitsa] Odessa Beach
(11) [Valentina Lisitsa] The Schoolroom
(12) [Valentina Lisitsa] Why-
(13) [Valentina Lisitsa] Chasing Sheep is Best Left to Shepherds
(14) [Valentina Lisitsa] Deep Sleep Playing
(15) [Valentina Lisitsa] The Exchange
(16) [Valentina Lisitsa] Here to There
(17) [Valentina Lisitsa] Jack
(18) [Valentina Lisitsa] Bill
(19) [Valentina Lisitsa] The Departure
(20) [Valentina Lisitsa] Lost and Found
(21) [Valentina Lisitsa] All Imperfect Things
(22) [Valentina Lisitsa] The Attraction of the Pedalling Ankle
(23) [Valentina Lisitsa] The Mood That Passes Through You
(24) [Valentina Lisitsa] The Embrace
(25) [Valentina Lisitsa] Silver-Fingered Fling


  1. lil johnny April 2, 2014

    i can’t find this on boomkat. :(
    so is this any good?

  2. dima April 3, 2014

    This is a great Valentina Lisitsa !!

  3. mug April 6, 2014

    really wonderful music

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