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Future Islands / Singles [2014]


01 Seasons (Waiting On You)
02 Spirit
03 Sun in the Morning
04 Doves
05 Back in the Tall Grass
06 A Song for Our Grandfathers
07 Light House
08 Like the Moon
09 Fall From Grace
10 A Dream of You and Me


  1. The Leuge March 11, 2014

    Ok, this sounds like Christian rock. Well it does. I expect to see one of these songs featured in a new Disney movie.
    Typical of 4AD’s new evil management.
    Did anyone hear the new 4AD compilation, “Facing Backward”?
    It was a retrospective on why anyone cares about them (4AD), being: Cocteau Twins, Clan of Xymox, Bauhaus, Dead Can Dance, The Pixies, This Mortal Coil etc. etc.
    And on the retrospective the theme was: “What an embarrassment all that was! Lets pretend it did not exisit by ignoring all the brilliant music 4AD had. Or, at least, lets re-write history by picking out the songs that sound the worst”!
    Point: The Cocteau Twins song they picked was the ONE SONG that sounded like Mudhoney. (you get the point)
    And they did that all the way through! On two CD’s! (except for Ultravivid Scene & This Mortal Coil, where they deigned to include “Song to the Siren”.
    4AD says: Keep your eyes on the glorious future staring: Toad the Wet Sprocket, & His Name is Alive, & Future Islands!

    • yeahright March 11, 2014

      Cool bro

    • Pedro March 11, 2014

      Of course it sounds like christian rock – Samuel T. Herring = God.

    • antiguo automata mexicano March 11, 2014

      …haven´t crossed my mind, good point !

  2. custard. March 11, 2014

    4AD have been fucked since the early 90’s.
    Bella Union are tosh as well…

  3. davey March 12, 2014

    i don’t get the 4ad hate. their current roster is pretty unfuckwithable regardless of your opinion on future islands.

    • The Leuge March 12, 2014

      Hitler was also pretty unfuckwithable until the whole world took him down. Lets be that whole world together again, but this time by the lake, knowing good from evil but also Wow! Beautiful music, Awesome music. That.

  4. Sasuke March 12, 2014

    Shit artifacts on this album because it’s a transcode. Should have waited until someone uploaded the FLAC on What. Yea the spectral looks all right but it sounds like Moss of Aura shaking change in a fucking coffee can in the background. No way to listen to Future Islands

    • davey March 12, 2014


    • jammers March 12, 2014

      Agree. It sounds like someone swilling a glassful of rainwater around in a tin bucket. Avoid.

  5. cet January 30, 2015

    links are dead

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