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Sammy Bananas / Flexin’ [2014]

Fool’s Gold Records / FGR094

01. Flexin’
02. Never Say
03. DLMG
04. Feel House


  1. ¥ January 30, 2014

    worst artwork I’ve seen in quite some time

    • lol January 30, 2014

      nice to see the occasional anthropomorphic banana instead of yet another greek statue u feel me plus holy shit this sounds so 90s it needs that art

      • Iggy January 30, 2014

        The art is straight from the 80’s

      • Iggy January 30, 2014

        It’s like “California Raisins”, but bananas with beards

        • lol January 31, 2014

          maybe but the font and the low dpi shadow are giving me a 1992 kind of vibe man, made me think of a neon vaurnet t-shirt for some reason

      • Iggy January 30, 2014

        I meant mustaches

        • lol January 31, 2014

          but yeah, u right, definitely california raisons thing going on…someone needs to come up with a term for that period of like 88-93 that didn’t quite fit the 80s but didn’t match the rest of the 90s at all either..the Flexin song transports me to like ’92 with those sonic the hedgehog digital horns and new jack swing rnb voice

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