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Wire / Strays [2011]

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  1. beatlebum January 11, 2011

    1. Boiling Boy
    2. German Shepherds
    3. He Knows
    4. Underwater Experiences

    Exclusive free gift with the first 2000 copies of mail order sales of Red Barked Tree. The EP entitled Strays will consist of 4 stage favourites recorded (in Resident Studio) by the all star line up of “current” Wire including BOTH Margaret McGinnis AND Matt Simms. The 4 tracks (currently being “corralled”) are – Underwater Experiences/ He Knows/ German Shepherds & Boiling Boy. Each of these tracks has had a very healthy stage life but with the exception of “Boiling Boy”, which is much changed, none have ever got the proper “studio” treatment. The EP will be available as a physical CD in a poly-bag only.

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