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Porn On Vinyl / Old Folks’ Home [2011]

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  1. Aidan January 16, 2011

    Hey bros/sisters,this is Aidan here who makes the POV stuff. the album is back up on bandcamp as a “pay what you want (no minimum)” download. do support me if you can spare some change, but no worries if you can’t. email me at arse.on.toast[at] if you want a cassette put on hold for you. only 50 will be made, with a bonus CD-R of demos/outtakes, a poster and a lyrics sheet., and it’ll be released soonish.
    thanks for listening, hope you like the album

  2. brick January 20, 2011

    yes! i will email soon! love your stuff, would you mind if i posted it on my blog? (link above)

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