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Quelle Chris / Ghost At The Finish Line [2013]

[Label: Mello Music Group | Cat#: none]
  1. You’ll Be Your Star (feat. Jimetta Rose) (01:45)
  2. Loop Dreams (03:21)
  3. What Up [prod. Oh No] (03:14)
  4. Wait A Minute (feat. Denmark Vessey) (03:45)
  5. Super Fuck (02:43)
  6. PRX (feat. Alchemist, Guilty Simpson) (03:36)
  7. King Is Dead (03:20)
  8. Undying (02:44)
  9. Coke Rap War Game (feat. Black Milk, Denmark Vessey) (03:01)
  10. With Open Arms (feat. MarvWon, Fuzz Scoota, House Shoes) [prod. Oh No] (03:55)
  11. 1Look At Shorty [prod. Knxwledge] (03:03)
  12. 1Life Beyond (feat. Mosel) (02:31)
  13. Ghost At The Finish Line (02:47)


  1. EYES AND TEETH November 1, 2013

    Great album from a true talent.
    Quelle also puts on a helluva live show.
    If you dig it, please support the Artist and buy that shit.
    Hell, even if you don’t buy this album, visit Quelle’s Bandcamp… Too much dope!

  2. willmofo November 1, 2013

    I totally agree! Quelle is that deal! This album is good but I really like his “Shotgun & Sleek Rifle” album better!!!

  3. ‚Muhta-bun November 2, 2013

    Excellent stuff! His work really improved after being released from jail. That must have been a real experience that (positively) influenced his work. I guess that creative work in witness protection program gives you a different perspective on life.

  4. Makarije November 3, 2013

    Well, this is boring and predictable.
    The first two commenters are the same person (probably the artist himself) and the third commenter is obviously some crazy person. Not worth the time.

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