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Polyphonic Size / Earlier / Later [2013]

Minimal Wave / MW045

01 – kosmik rok
02 – space rejection
03 – nagasaki mon amour
04 – ommatidia
05 – party
06 – saison
07 – logique polygonale
08 – mother’s little helper
09 – rda-rfa
10 -parties dance
11- night is coming on


  1. Chuck Leauge November 8, 2013

    Once when Winston Churchill was at an elegant dinner party, Lady Astor leaned across the table to remark, “If you were my husband, Winston, I’d poison your coffee.”
    “And if you were my wife, I’d beat the shit out of you,” came Churchill’s unhesitating retort.

  2. carolinalovin44 November 8, 2013

    On the Friday, November 8 broadcast of The Alex Jones Show, Alex examines the ridiculousness of the War on Drugs in New Mexico and across the country as citizens are being routinely forced to undergo anal cavity probes in search for drugs mostly shipped in by the US government.

  3. jesus November 8, 2013

    turkey is on sale this week

  4. Hannibal November 8, 2013

    The columnist wrote “.. at length was the issue, not the retort, if the issue was simply the recursive form of the problem you would never get anywhere”. What’s the story? That is all.

  5. shawn November 8, 2013

    these guys aint too bad. i’ve got their pragmatic songs 7″ and it was pretty enjoyable.

  6. lil johnny November 9, 2013

    a new Polyphonic Spree LP! hells yes.

    • zzz November 10, 2013

      i was gonna make this comment you pile of shit :(

      • Muhta'bun November 10, 2013

        no, you were not. you.. you…bunch of flowers!!!

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