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Lee Ranaldo & The Dust / Last Night On Earth [2013]

01 Lecce, Leaving
02 Key-Hole
03 Home Chds
04 The Rising Tide
05 Last Night On Earth
06 By The Window
07 Late Descent 2
08 Ambulancer
09 Blackt Out


  1. The Man Who Sold The World October 21, 2013

    This guy is my hero!

  2. Mace Hane October 21, 2013

    Well, this(he)is new to me; not really sure why I even d’loaded this but glad I did.
    First playing, two songs from end, and this is a terrific, corking album! Coming from my unbelievably massive disappointment with the new Gary Numan album, I now have my thoughts verified by listening to this. Tunes, songs; actual, proper SONGS ‘fer ‘chrissakes – that’s what Splinter doesn’t have.
    This album feels like I’m supping on pure nectar; these songs are simply sublime and when this finishes it’s going straight back on again. Just excellent.

  3. Thurstin' More October 21, 2013

    Cool. But wtf is going on with this album cover?

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