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Arcade Fire / Reflektor [2013]

[Label: Merge | Cat#: none]
  1. Reflektor (7:34)


  1. stop stop September 9, 2013

    thinking back, the 2000’s were so cringeworthy…

    • Brick Owens September 9, 2013

      I agree. Not to mention, they’re really aging horribly.

      • o_O September 10, 2013

        And how do YOU age asshole!?

        • Brick Owens September 10, 2013

          Like fine wine, motherfucker.

          • Max Horwich October 22, 2013

            Misspelled your name Mr. Prick Owens.

  2. quit September 9, 2013

    As any decade appears to be just a few years out.

  3. K September 9, 2013

    you guys will find any reason to hate on music you know is good and popular

  4. James Murphy September 10, 2013

    Get offa my lawn

  5. zzz September 10, 2013

    this is nice too bad that girl is in the band

    • zzz September 10, 2013

      actually lol at these lyrics being about smart fones n being frendz but not really frendz lmfao

  6. Nei September 10, 2013

    Arcade Fire, James Murphy and David Bowie : Just perfect.

  7. Mace Hane September 10, 2013

    All to easy to masquerade as a terribly hip ‘n cool/self-aware critic. But some of you guys ‘n young ladies need to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and one can’t do that much damage to a person(even more so a band!)with a ripe banana.
    ’nuff said.

  8. Mace Hane September 10, 2013

    Damn! Why, WHY can’t we edit?!
    My ‘to’ marks me out as a simpleton and now my insightful and cutting banana argument is effectively rendered meaningless.
    We SHOULD be able to edit dammit.

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