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M.I.A. / Vicki Leekx [2010]

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  1. ian January 1, 2011

    love this record. some of the tracks are so out there in regards to their ambition and sound {the world}. it’s like a follow up album, which i think will tide over the baiting negative outlook many people decided to adopt towards /\/\/\Y/\ (an album that is a trojan in ideas and sounds, if you were to hold it up against the rehashes of music that got released last year.) hope this is a teaser for things to come. liked her band performance of ‘it takes a muscle’ on jools holland, and the song with the “you can have your money but you can’t have me” lyric, shows promise of a new sound from M.I.A.

  2. conaeir January 3, 2011

    The best part from the Jools Holland performance was the specials were her band, my girlfriend loved her performance but I felt it average at best and hate the effect which was used. Don’t know who produced Maya but id like to see her work with Diplo again, just bout to download this hopefully its good.

  3. -- January 3, 2011

    the specials???????????
    i didn’t see terry, neville, lynval or the almighty JERRRY DAMMERS (kicked out of HIS OWN BAND when he wouldn’t do plain covers of the old songs for the reunion tour)
    kinda of a strectch to call that tv band “the specials”.
    mya is quite a milf though

  4. kidfortoday January 7, 2011

    Very impressive mixtape of her music.

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