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Oneohtrix Point Never / R Plus Seven [2013]

[Label: Warp Records | Cat#: WARP240]
  1. Boring Angel (4:17)
  2. Americans (5:19)
  3. He She (1:34)
  4. Inside World (3:54)
  5. Zebra (6:45)
  6. Along (5:25)
  7. Problem Areas (3:07)
  8. Cryo (2:48)
  9. Still Life (4:55)
  10. Chrome Country (5:30)


  1. btrl August 15, 2013

    hipster garbage

    Pitchfork 8.8 BNM
    TinyMixTapes AOTY

    • hjkhjkhjkhjk August 15, 2013

      relax man. i’m not a hipster but i very like this dude.
      plus : what is pitchfork/tinymixtapes ? what does mean BNM/AOTY ?

      • pati August 17, 2013

        best new music / album of the year

    • Dadawah August 15, 2013

      You’re an imbecile. Go back to sleep or back to your Arcade Fire rec.

      • Dadawah August 15, 2013

        BTRL, that is.

  2. Bob August 15, 2013

    nice troll but OPN is creative as fuck

    • Marco August 15, 2013

      yes creative and interesting… but it’s always hard for me to really enjoy one of his record.

      • Bob August 15, 2013

        Having heard this all now I agree. It is creative but lacks emotion, groove, melody, rhythm. Basically all the things that are great about music. It’s just experimentation for the sake of it.

        • tuytuyty August 15, 2013

          i was touched by this album

        • Dadawah August 15, 2013

          It lacks said things? Are you serious, mang? This album is extraordinary. There’s more melody and counterpoint within it than I can absorb in one go. It’s brilliant. I’m shocked that people aren’t drooling over this thing. The man has taken his game to a whole new level. Just wild!

          • Josh August 16, 2013

            the man is just copying James Ferraro , listen to ‘Far Side Virtual’ … the OPN record is good but nothing special

  3. Electric Dicks August 15, 2013

    awesome album ! Crazy stuff on it

  4. glorybox August 15, 2013

    omg. i’ve been scrobbling these guys since 2011, possibly even 2010. i have to say i was pretty disappointed when i first skimmed through this album. after my 3rd skim i’m less disappointed, but still somewhat disappointed. not the most abstract avantgarde ambient out there and some of the melodies could of used pitched up 90’s r&b vocals. so it looses some points in my sanrio edition moleskine. still, very progressive thinking ambient tunes. i give it 6.4 guiyomi dimples out of 10.

    thx again to nodata for the high quality m4a’s & shotout to all the comment box wiggers, gonna queue this up on my logitech studio monitors. i’ve covered myself with glo-stix, my body is ready. i am perhaps anthony fantano’s estranged cuckold.

    • audiomaster August 15, 2013

      “[…] on my logitech studio monitors. […]”

      Are you kidding me, logitech studio monitors, they produce plastic garbage but not one recording monitor! :D

      • pati August 17, 2013

        so you just ignored all the sarcasm ?

    • p August 15, 2013

      “these guys”

  5. axc August 15, 2013

    Yes, God forbid someone does something different and receives notice for it, everyone get your Pitchfork®s out, 2edgy4 8.9 / •••••, goddamn kids and their lack of DnB these days amirite

  6. Social August 15, 2013

    If you dont enjoy his records then your pineal gland is obvz closed and locked forever

    • Bob August 19, 2013

      my penis gland is ready for your wrinkled anus

  7. AA August 15, 2013

    What I really wanna know is what the hell the title is supposed to mean. Great piece of music otherwise.

    • 324 August 15, 2013

      I guess it could have something to do with the Fennesz album “Plus Forty Seven Degrees…”

  8. Jonny P August 15, 2013

    Zebra is the bomb

  9. Griswald Jr. August 15, 2013

    I think we can all agree that dad boners won’t be found on this album.

  10. DTM August 15, 2013

    Anyone for nylon pile at 4>99 a metre?
    Would suit your boxes nicely.

  11. zzz August 15, 2013

    he stole this album art from another release wtf

    • zzz August 15, 2013

      Rapture Of Frankenstein by Georges Schwizgebel

  12. lil johnny August 15, 2013

    hey if i tell people i like this, will they think im cool?

    • Josh August 16, 2013

      no … OPN is a nerd , sorry guys

      • pati August 17, 2013

        no.. say you like skrillex

  13. Pablo August 16, 2013

    Who cares about whatever. This is great.

  14. Lee Perrieee August 16, 2013

    No. It’s lazy and predictable electronica that copies at least half a dozen other composers who make similar sounds a thousand times better.
    I could tell you who they were but you’d probably be too lazy or ignorant to have heard of or go and find out for yourselves because you want everything on a late for free and shoved under your noses like cattle motherfuckers..

    • ch August 16, 2013


    • Dadawah August 16, 2013

      You too, sir, are an imbecile. Predictable? I’d actually like to know at what fucking point did you predict anything while “listening” to this fine record. Heave ho.

      • Lee Perrieee August 17, 2013

        Fuck off you prick, I didn’t download it for free you fucking sponge. I checked out the shit tracks on youtube and was suitably diluted by it’s underwhelming-ness.
        Enjoy listening to it for free you cunt, safe in the knowledge you’re doing the musician up the Anita Harris.

  15. the ghost of michael jackson August 16, 2013

    how the heck did he end up on warp?? anyway, good shit, thx nodata

  16. gay supremacist August 17, 2013

    ~not listening until authorised release crew~ #teamlopatin

  17. w33d August 17, 2013

    i farted into a mic

  18. btrl August 18, 2013

    James Ferraro, OPN, what le fug is this shit. this isn’t music

    enjoy your TinyMixTapes-core shite, dumb sheep

    • w33d August 18, 2013


  19. SuperChris August 20, 2013

    Seriously, this guy is one lucky sonofabitch. He’s virtually indistinguishable from hundreds of others in the new age/synth crowd, but somehow shit keeps happening for him. It’s truly baffling.

  20. C.C August 21, 2013

    d-.-b listening… . . .

  21. SK8ER_DUDE69 August 28, 2013


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