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Death In June / The Snow Bunker Tapes [2013]

1 Murder Made History
2 Fire Feast
3 Peaceful Snow
4 Life Under Siege
5 A Nausea
6 Wolf Rose
7 The Scents Of Genocide
8 Red Odin Day
9 My Company Of Corpses
10 Cemetery Cove
11 Our Ghosts Gather
12 Neutralize Decay
13 The Maverick Chamber


  1. Che Ernesto Borgnine July 20, 2013

    Nice to see that the hardest working crypto-fascists in show business are still busy doin’ their thang.

  2. Loupos July 20, 2013

    Fuck this shit !!stupidests fucks ever

  3. burbs July 21, 2013

    hey thanks :-)

  4. ! July 21, 2013

    This band should be boycotted ,
    may they make zero money with their music

  5. vom July 21, 2013

    You wouldn’t think gay nazi music would be so boring.

  6. the ghost of michael jackson July 21, 2013

    Have they openly advocated Nazi ideals though? Or have they just ambiguously used Nazi symbolism/imagery?

  7. ! July 21, 2013

    would that matter?

  8. Mystarry Sin-tax Babylon July 21, 2013

    If only people felt this strongly about “operation paperclip” in which the U.S. Gov. brought most of the high ranking S.S. officers over, and put them in positions of power: like Her Wernher von Braun, who developed the Apollo 13 technology, but then destroyed the tooling. Now, we have no idea how we got to the moon, plus he was never convicted of treason. (see wikipiedia)
    Nazies have been running the US since then, as do their sons and daughters. Their religion is called EUGENICS.
    When the C.I.A. (who Obama’s mother worked for, by the way) was flying the S.S. over to America they were asked if they were in mourning for Germany? They replied: “No. All that matters is that our vision of National Socialism never fall.”
    If they and their children were asked the same today, I imagine they would answer the same way: “Let our New America stand or fall, as long as our vision for The Two Party System never falls.” …and their vision is Eugenics, and any party system can be HIJACKED to serve that religion.
    Lets get off the hijacked two-party system and support the new Liberty Movement. If you are living in America, you are living in Germany, and the date is 1932.

    • w33d July 21, 2013

      Hahha dude you rule!

    • slsker July 21, 2013


      • Greasy Scarecrow Boy July 21, 2013

        Wow, creepy far-right music *and* Alex Jones supporters together at last; it’s a match made in heaven!

  9. Lashtal93 July 21, 2013

    Stop Zionism

  10. dummy July 21, 2013

    shit music. dougie sure knows how to get a rise out of guys like u tho

  11. not so dummy July 21, 2013

    its not a rise that “dougie” gets out of us as you say;
    his persona whether incorrectly percieved or incorrectly portrayed is his only area of interest, its not like his music is ever mentioned

  12. not so dummy July 21, 2013

    blah blah blah

  13. Kayne West July 22, 2013

    Cool, now we need some Boyd Rice and i am a happy fella. har har

  14. Blank Squids July 22, 2013

    Ooo, don’t forget Von Thronstahl!

  15. cucuzza July 23, 2013


  16. DX July 25, 2013

    “The Scents Of Genocide”

    FUCK. YOU.

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