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Múm / Finally We Are No One [2002]

Download [HF]


  1. Giovanni December 26, 2010


  2. Kam December 26, 2010

    The sound of happyness…

  3. Tago Mago December 26, 2010

    Giovanni: I have to agree.

    I like all Múm records, but this one has some sort of perfection all around it.

  4. alecracecar December 27, 2010

    amazing record

  5. meira December 28, 2010

    i agree. this is a true masterpiece, the sound of happiness, and the best Múm’s record.

    • giorgie December 28, 2010

      the perfect soundtrack for happy dreams. i used to play this album every afternoon during the whole summer of 2003.masterpiece, indeed.

  6. Nivek January 3, 2011

    Yes, it doesn’t get better for Múm… unfortunately

  7. cory January 4, 2011

    best mum. i agree with everyone here. back in the day this album was played at least once a day.

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