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oOoOO / Without Your Love [2013]

01. Sirens (4:33)
02. Stay Here (4:06)
03. 3:51 AM (1:46)
04. Without Your Love (3:16)
05. On It (2:51)
06. Crossed Wires (2:36)
07. Mouchette (3:23)
08. The South (3:07)
09. Misunderstood (3:36)
10. 5:51 AM (1:24)
11. Across A Sea (5:03)


  1. too bad June 24, 2013

    his austin show is 21+
    too fucking bad woe woe

  2. Stefanie Gamble June 29, 2013

    If any one label became associated with witch house, it was Tri-Angle (the name is generally stylised with an inverted triangle between the two halves of the word: inversion is important to both the sound and aesthetic of many of these bands). The label’s catalogue now includes less explicitly dark material by the likes of How To Dress Well and AlunaGeorge, but their earliest release was Let Me Shine For You, a mixtape of Lindsay Lohan songs reinterpreted by producers like oOoOO and Oneohtrix Point Never. ‘We all love pop music and this is merely an experiment’, says the blurb. ‘All of our intentions are very sincere.’ But are they really? How sincere can you truly remain when you are adding sinister overtones to the work of a troubled sometime pop star?

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