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Two Door Cinema Club / Handshake [2013]

Kistuné Maison / none

01 Handshake 3:31
02 Handshake (Baadman remix) 4:51
03 Handshake (Amtrac remix) 4:35
04 Handshake (Ghost Loft remix) 2:58


  1. h4x0r June 7, 2013

    Cover art is cooler than the usual triangle over a landscape bullshit we have to put up with most of the time as music fans with a lot of knowhow and taste.

    • warped June 7, 2013

      yea boobies are sooo original

      • warped June 7, 2013

        and tasteful

        • h4x0r June 7, 2013

          They taste full to me.

          • Claire Boucher's Lisp June 7, 2013

            like a big bag of sand right guys, right?

    • john June 7, 2013

      INDEED : )

  2. steve malkmus June 7, 2013

    i wanna eat that ass!

  3. Triangels for life June 7, 2013

    there is a triangle between those jugs, long live triangles

  4. coach Dumfy June 8, 2013

    If you take the summation of Cosine over Tangent of a right isosceles triangle and run a vector in opposing directions through time and space, you will pretty much come up with the same effect as represented here on the cover of this EP, try it at home. Damn, my scouting crew is mutinous and I need a point guard and a small forward or shooting guard so my basketball team down here in Memphis can make a run at the NCAA Tournament next year. Does anyone out there know Earl or Tyler’s digits. Let’s go hoop in.

  5. brian jones June 8, 2013

    two door cinema club pls stop… :'(

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