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Andrew Bird / Fingerlings 4 (Gezelligheid Chicago) [2010]

Download [HF] [DF]


  1. andrea December 21, 2010

    hi, andrew’s manager here – please take this download down, it is a self released CD by an artist who is not thew size of lady gaga or u2 and can use the support. you don’t have permission to share this with others, and it’s much appreciated that you respect that. thanks. andrea troolin.

    • Michael December 22, 2010

      I can understand where you’re coming from. As a user of and a consumer, I use this site to preview and promote music. I’m a big fan of Andrew Bird and if I enjoy this album, I’ll ensure to purchase the music. That said, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for a web admin to additionally sources to purchase the music listed on this site so as to provide a direct alternative making it easy to put money in the artists pockets.

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