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Beirut / Cheap Magic Inside* [2007] [DVD]

Download [HTTP] Thank you, Chris.
[DF mirror]


  1. Alonso December 19, 2010

    what do i need to download?
    i’m kinda lost here..

    • beatlebum December 20, 2010

      it depends, if you go to the directory you just have to choose what do you want to downloasd

      ie: contains all of the videos in m4v format contains exactly the same videos but in a lower quality and in mp4 format

    • Nikos December 20, 2010

      i think Alonso asks how is he going to download anything from not how is he going to watch this particular Beirut Video…

      If i’m correct, then Alonso you need nothing… You just click on the Links below every post (DF, HF, RS, FS etc) and it takes you to a mirror website where you find the uploaded Album. If you dont have a prenium account on those sites, you choose “free User-Download” etc. You w8 a bit and then you download the archive.

      It’s always a .zip archive so you need to extract those files to listen… It’s easy… Sometimes they’re password protected. The password is always given in each post.. (99% it’s

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