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Sic Alps / Napa Asylum [2011]

Download [link removed]


  1. Sic Alps December 15, 2010

    hey. please take down that link or we will need to take appropriate action.

    • dtok December 16, 2010

      This is the only reason i know about you guys

    • mortimer December 20, 2010

      i’m in a band. i buy vinyl and mp3s and listen to a lot of music.
      this blog is the first i’ve heard of you.

      now I’m weighing whether I should google you guys to find out more.
      just sayin’.

  2. censusloss December 16, 2010

    Yes, count me in too I am d/l your stuff and if i like it I buy it. If i do not get the chance of hearing you -indeed, of hearing of your existance, how the hell can I become your fan. follower or get the chance of hearing you!!!>>>???????
    Pretty simple equation with you as the winner…….

  3. renato malizia December 17, 2010

    me too….it´s really sad that bands like sic alps proceds like this…

    and sic alps are really good band…but…

  4. Mescau Guadalupe December 17, 2010

    a banda favorita da semana luta contra a maré!!

  5. sicalps December 18, 2010

    hey guys. if the internet is the only way you hear about music, that’s fine. we can figure out a way you can preview the album. yeah? we’re just not cool with it showing up more than a month before it’s supposed to come out without our blessing. further comments can (and should) be addressed to
    -matthew hartman. speaking out of turn and not necessarily on behalf of the rest of Sic Alps

  6. Binger December 20, 2010

    He’s got a point. What’s this whole “internet” thing about? It seems like a fad. Sic Alps actually is doing 8-track only releases from now on that are specially designed so they can’t be encoded digitally. All this to preserve their brand of derivative forgettable lofi hipster throwback rock.

  7. Reg Mevers December 29, 2010

    Sic Alps Forever!!!!

  8. wtf January 10, 2011

    Why shouldn’t an artist have a right to decide how and under what context their music is shared? They MADE it. If they don’t want people to pass it around for free a month before it’s release date, that’s their prerogative. Where this sense of entitlement?

    Note that he wrote “please”, addressed this site with respect, didn’t take it to authorities, etc. for fuck’s sake.

  9. 4am August 5, 2011

    He visto algo de
    Sic Alps / Napa Asylum [2011]

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