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The KVB / Immaterial Visions [2013]

[Label: Cititrax | Cat#: CITI008]
  1. Shadows (3:59)
  2. Dayzed (3:59)
  3. I Only See The Lights (5:24)
  4. Lines (3:37)
  5. Old Life (4:46)
  6. For The Day (4:04)
  7. Pray To The Light Machine (4:42)
  8. Human (3:18)


  1. plonker April 15, 2013

    i love all the people this guy rips off but his own music is too unoriginal to bother with. its just rip off after rip off. “heres the marychain song, heres the suicide song, this one is the cabaret Voltaire/minimal wave song, heres the joy division song etc etc etc”. i cant take this band or tropic of cancer seriously anymore

    • To Mega Charlize Therion April 16, 2013

      word. you gotta be ignorant of music history to dig this shit.

    • doomy May 5, 2013

      so do you look at trees and go, hey you are just like those other trees, why can’t you be like a tree i haven’t seen yet?

  2. niTE April 15, 2013

    This is a great album. Go buy it on clear wax. Everything this band does is great.

  3. NR April 23, 2013

    I hear both sides. The band sounds cool, but it’s not really drawing me back in for a second listen. I liked what I heard though.

  4. maybe? May 14, 2013

    err, this is really bloody good, and i lived and loved all those bands plonker mentioned.

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