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Transmuteo – Transmuteo [2013]

Label: Aguirre Records
Catalog#: ZORN30

I – Prosper With Integrity
II – Clubmed Vortex
IV – Pathways To Clear
V – Dream Swim
VI – Corporate Lotus
I – 12th Dimensional Light Shield
II – Memory Gate
IV – Utopia 3.0


  1. Bontis March 29, 2013

    I can’t even tell if any of this vaporwave bizniss is a joke anymore.

  2. To Mega Charlize Therion March 30, 2013

    Thats what they want you to think…

  3. To Mega Charlize Therion March 30, 2013

    I swear by Metatron’s seven ponies that the chick’s voice on here is the the same woman who voiced the collaboration between Coil & Bill Laswell, called “City of Light.”
    as seen (and heard) here:

  4. Jonathan April 3, 2013

    add a vaporwave tag, pleeeease

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