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Aidan Baker / Aneira [2013]

Label: Glacial Movements Records
Catalog#: GM017

1. Aneira (47:43)


  1. To Mega Charlize Therion March 29, 2013

    Now this is good drone. (Also, it’s Aidan Baker).
    Mostly guitar based, like Shiva’s saw cutting open your pineal gland there in the middle.

  2. Coach Dumfy March 29, 2013

    The acknowledgement of the pineal gland has been defunct since Aristotle.

  3. To Mega Charlize Therion March 30, 2013

    On what level? There is one, physically, of course. It is what the Hindus refer to with the red dot, and is appropriately called the 3rd “eye”, as it allows one to see, in a way.
    If people have ceased to acknowledge this “defunct” organ, then the malaise of disinterest would be far more recent. Like, say, the last 50 years?
    And while tech abounds, people, on the whole, have lost their way, their power, their creativity, their Will.
    So, you’ll understand if I choose to focus on those things that modern “men” have been told to discard.
    At any rate, the description was poetic, and I stand by it. You should try playing it very loud around half way and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.

    • mote March 30, 2013

      i just dont know why anyone would bother writing that. just wank in the mirror while your shitty coil mp3s play in the background instead

  4. To Mega Charlize Therion April 14, 2013

    What a cutting remark, mote.
    You must be fused with the Zeitgeist at the hip.

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